Meet the Doula-Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Porter


‘I grew up on a family owned apple orchard that is celebrating it’s 100 year anniversary in 2020. After graduating from CMU, I lived in the Chicago area for almost 10 years working as a nanny. My farm-girl childhood taught me about hard work, and gave me an appreciation for the outdoors and where our food comes from. Living in the Chicago area gave me a larger world view, the opportunity to explore a big city and experience other cultures on a regular basis. I love taking in the beauty of nature, being active and exploring new places and foods. I seek out cultural and art experiences and can often be found in museums, plant conservatories, as well as choral and instrumental concerts. I have a love for learning that motivates me to consistently look for new and interesting opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. I take joy in feeding people healthy home cooked meals and sharing in meaningful conversations around a table. ‘

* Elizabeth Porter is a professionally-trained birth and postpartum doula serving the communities around her. Liz is passionate about celebrating and supporting women and families  during their pregnancy, birth and journey into parenthood. She is particularly interested in helping families navigating feeding issues and special needs. Whether you are a first time parent, or expanding your family, her gentle and calm demeanor, her nonjudgmental approach and skilled and loving practice can help you meet your own goals and desires for this special time.

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