Postpartum & Infant Care

Doula Care for Ann Arbor Postpartum Families

Can I tell you why I, Jodi Long, the owner of Ann Arbor Postpartum Doulas understand the postpartum recovery period and the needs of the post birth woman so well?

I gave birth to my first baby as a single mom in September of 1998.

Doula Care with Jodi Long Postpartum Doula

It was one of those crazy, no idea what the “F” I’m doing, every intervention known to man, kind of births. I begged for an epidural and was denied one. I ended up with a 4th degree tear/episiotomy…

This experience left me feeling like there must be another way and I set out on my path to become a postpartum doula.

That was more than 20 years ago!

I had my 2nd daughter in 2004.

This time with a midwife and doula in tow. I labored in the shower at the hospital, and in between contractions I nourished and hydrated my body. I had all the things I wanted and none of the things I didn’t.

I Reclaimed my power!

And then… I had postpartum depression.
True. Clinical. Hardcore Postpartum depression.

And on top of that, I was shamed for it. My midwife wanted to help me, but she simply didn’t have the resources. When I finally went to a therapist, she called an ambulance and forced me to go to the hospital. Once there, the doctor thought I was so absurd that he wouldn’t even come in to see me…

I didn’t get any real help. No medication. No counseling. And so, I just muddled through.

The best I could do for myself was hire a nanny. She was sympathetic to what I was experiencing and that made her very similar to postpartum doula care. I needed her. I needed a compassionate woman who understood me and who was patient enough to recognize my changing emotions and my physical needs. I learned that the right support truly makes a difference.

These two unique experiences have truly fueled my passion for this work and are what keep me focused on providing the clients of Ann Arbor Postpartum Doulas with the most skilled and compassionate doula care team in the industry.

5-Day Live-in Postpartum Doula Care Magic

Create your own ultimate Postpartum & Newborn Care Experience with a Live-In Postpartum Doula

The magic of Live-in Postpartum & Newborn Care

You’ve just given birth and spent 2 glorious days in the hospital bonding with your baby and ringing the call bell any time you have a question or a need. And now, you’re going home.

If you are anything like the rest of our clients, your first thought when you pull out of the hospital’s driveway will be, “Oh my gosh. Are they really letting us leave with this baby?!?! We don’t even know what we’re doing!” lol!

The truth is, you will figure it out. But, you don’t have to do it alone!!!!

You can hire 5 magical days of a live in postpartum & Newborn Care doula from Ann Arbor Postpartum doulas! Yes. We will come and stay with you for five consecutive 24 hour periods!

This is what it will look like:

  • You will call your doula as you are preparing to leave the hospital
  • Your doula will meet you at your house when you arrive there
  • She will help you, your partner and your new little baby into the house
  • She will strategize with you about where to set up changing stations and feeding areas
  • She will make you a warm beverage and help you feed the baby
  • She is an expert on infant feeding so your feeding preference will be supported 100%
  • When your baby seems fussy, she will work with you on soothing measures and comfort techniques
  • She will answer ALL of your questions and address ALL of your concerns
  • She will organize an evening meal and, together, you will be nourished over wonderful conversations about you, your birth, your baby and your parenting philosophies
  • She will help you feed the baby AGAIN! And AGAIN! Lol
  • She will guide you in bathing, diapering and dressing your baby
  • You will be tired and you will rest as your doula helps your baby settle in for the first sleep of the night
  • If you are breastfeeding, your doula will wake you for the feed. If not, she will feed the baby a bottle while you rest and recover from giving birth
  • This is how the nights will go. It will be wonderful and you will feel empowered to face each day!
  • The days will be filled with deep conversation, newborn care and feeding, and personal check-ins regarding your physical and emotional well-being
  • You will have the ULTIMATE 5 day recovery experience!

Intermittent Doula Care Magic

Intermittent doula care magic is for new families that have specific needs. They want a particular amount of support hours for a particular number of weeks.

Ann Arbor Postpartum Doulas builds intermittent doula care packages based on your specifications! Let’s say you want 4-5 hours per day, 3 days per week for 6 weeks.
We’ll say, GREAT! We can accommodate that. Let’s say you want 8 hour nights, 5 days per week for the first 4 weeks.
We’ll say, GREAT! We can accommodate that. Let’s say you want 200 hours to be used over the first 10 weeks.
We’ll say, GREAT! We can accommodate that.

See where we’re going here? YOU decide what YOU want, and WE accommodate it!

That is intermittent doula care magic for the ultimate postpartum & newborn care experience! Inquire Here

Extended Doula Care Magic

Extended doula care magic is for both now and later!

Engage the support of Ann Arbor Postpartum Doulas for a minimum of 500 hours and you’ll have the baby’s entire first year of life to use the hours!

Most families use a pretty good chunk of their hours early on. They use them for daytime hours to get systems in place that align with their philosophies, and they use them to catch up on rest overnight to enable a faster recovery.

Once clients feel a sense of stability where they can thrive, they use the remaining hours at times when they need an extra pair of trusted hands.

  • Perhaps they are attending a wedding. They want the baby there but they also want the freedom to enjoy the wedding. They bring their doula with them!
  • Maybe they are hosting an event. They have their doula there to care for the baby
  • In some cases, the mom has something going on and needs someone to care for her, the baby and the household- in general. The doula is there to save the day!

Extended doula care magic is for getting started and knowing you have the support you need until your baby is at least one year old.

This popular package enables absolute peace of mind and comfort as you navigate your newly appointed parenting role. Inquire Here